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Kmart Christmas Layaway Project

This is an annual project Santa Barbara Cruisers started in 2014 to help those in our community that need it the most during the holiday season. Our goal is to pay off as many layaways as we can at our local Kmart in Goleta, CA. Last year we raised just under $500 and were able to pay off four layaways for local Santa Barbara families. Although this made our hearts sing we want to increase this number signficantly! With your help we can grow this traditon each year. 


How it Works:

We wait until the final days of layaway so we know we are helping those that had to stretch it out the longest. We focus on families that have children and choose not to pay for TVs, iPhones, etc. 


Why Kmart?:

We are no strangers to the struggles the holiday season can bring. Rex grew up in a single-parent family and saw how hard his mother worked to provide the necessities so that he and his sister could be healthy and happy. Much of those necessities were purchased at Kmart, especially near the holiday season. Now Rex is in a position where he can bring a bit of support to those that are in a similar situation.


How You Can Help:

Every penny counts! To make a donation of any size please call us at 805-403-5817 or stop by our shop. We will announce this year's total donations before December 25th! 


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