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Rex Stephens, Founder / Builder

Santa Barbara Cruisers, Custom 26" Bike Frames, Cruisers, BMX

After a 20 year run of wood-working and furniture building I knew it was time to pursue my true passion—BIKES. From the time I was racing BMX in grade-school through an eye-opening experience of downhill racing as a young adult I was exposed to a vast variety of human-powered two-wheeled machines. Not long after that I began working for Bikesmiths in Santa Barbara alongside the master-of-all-things-bicycles, Jim Hopperstad. Being steeped in the industry for most of my life I knew that there was a place in this universe for me to make my own unique contribution to this phenomenal lifestyle—and so Santa Barbara Cruisers was born. And I could never have achieved what I have without the support of my mother, Diane Stephens. 

Shawn Ramirez

Santa Barbara Cruisers, Custom 26" Bike Frames, Cruisers, BMX

With one eye on the past and the other on the future we can build stronger, lighter, and faster bikes. I've been influenced by speed all my life. My first experience with speed and freedom was on a BMX bike. That has changed how I see and build bikes. This passion in my life brought me to Rex Stephens at Santa Barbara Cruisers. After building a few custom show bikes together it was obvious we can build anything! Looking forward to building your dream!


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